Meet Shawn

Shawn Allyn understands Hampden County because he is a product of Hampden County. Born and raised in Holyoke, Shawn received his Associates Degree in Law Enforcement from Holyoke Community College. He went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College. After graduating from Westfield State College, Shawn entered the Juris Doctor’s Program at Western New England College School of Law in Springfield. He became an Attorney and joined the Massachusetts Bar in December of 1999.

Shawn has more than two decades of experience within the Hampden County Criminal Justice System which began early on as a Key Youth Worker and an eventual role as a Social Worker within the Department of Family and Children. Shawn then went on to become a Judicial Law Clerk and upon graduating from Western New England Law School became a practicing Attorney and joined the Massachusetts Bar.

As a Social Worker, Shawn worked for a half decade with victims of crime, abused children and women providing them direct care services. He also investigated hundreds of child abuse and neglect cases working with local law enforcement departments and our surrounding social service agencies.

As an Attorney, Shawn Allyn has practiced law in Hampden County since 1999 and for more than 14 years he has investigated and appeared in over a 1,000 criminal cases and handled over 250 indicted cases in Superior Court ranging from Shoplifting and Petty Theft, to Elder Abuse, to White Collar Financial Crime and also Homicides.

Shawn’s background as an Attorney includes a broad range of experience that makes him uniquely qualified to face today's public safety challenges head on. Shawn has the experience and background that make him the most qualified to be the type of District Attorney that our communities need and deserve today.

Shawn entered the race for District Attorney because he believes that today’s District Attorney has to be able to not only protect our community by prosecuting criminals but also must be able to help improve overall public safety for all of the residents and families of our many cities and towns.

Committee to Elect Shawn Allyn, P.O. Box 10332 Holyoke, MA 01040, Lisa Ball, Treasurer